With 8 years of game industry experience, Lyndsey spent the early years of her career visually designing mobile games that were enjoyed by over 50 million players. Though the challenges of making great visuals on teeny-tiny screens for the kind of hardware specs that have to fit in your pocket was a cool challenge, she eventually quit mobile games to pursue making the kind of games she actually played: the ones she wanted to make since she was a dorky 7 year old playing Warcraft I over a modem. After a brief stint freelancing for a variety of independent game studios, as well as in comics and film, she decided to start up her own thing and became the Co-Founder and Art Director of Sonderlust Studios.

Besides makin' video games and art, Lyndsey is a yoga enthusiast, marathon runner, rabbit-owner, a pretty-dang-good cook, lover of karaoke, and the goofiest addition to any D&D campaign foolish enough to allow her to join. Oh, and she plays a lot of video games. Obvs.

Not currently open for freelance work, but say “Hi!” if you're so inclined!